The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

at The Playhouse Theatre, Hamilton ON

April 26 - May 3, 2002

with Andrei Preda (*) as Peter, Brittany Benoit (*) as Susan, Kyle Villalobos (*) as Edmund, Jessica Watson (*) as Lucy, Charles Small as Mr. Beaver, Kathleen Bass as Mrs. Beaver, Derk Dunford (*) as Centaur, Kate Weller as Unicorn, Shawn Haynes as Tumnus, Jarred Pellatt as Fenris Ulf, Jeanne Flegg as the White Witch, Thomas Snyder as Dwarf, John Gilbert as Aslan/ Father Christmas, Bradley Coffie (*) as Elf, Nicole Bedford as Deer / White Stag, Samantha Frank (*) and Kristen Perkin (*) as Leopards, Phoebe Diab and Lindsay Plante as Monkeys, Christine Speers (*) as Raccoon, Mariah Liverpool (*) as Squirrel, Allastair Keddy as Deer, Jessica Mair and Katharina Keddy as Rabbits, Sonja Maurin (*) and Joshua Maurin (*) as Turtles. Wood Nymphs: Kelsey Droughton, India Paul, Jocelyn Richardson, Michelle Zulps. Witch's Army: Bradley Coffie (*), Richard Coombs (*), Kaitlin Hazell, Krysten Hazell, Ariel Meitz, Christina Miller, Heather Miller (*), Ethan Nagy (*), Mason Paul, Karli Welhoelter (*)

(*) Students or former students of the GBTC Theatre School

Adapted by Joseph Robinette from the novel by C. S. Lewis

Directed by Lily Small

Photos from the production:

  • "You can be anywhere you like in Narnia - quick as a wink." :
  • "Your music is lovely. It makes me so warm and sleepy." :
  • "Tumnus, your treachery has been detected." :
  • "Tell me, Edmund ... are there any more of you HUMANS in these parts ?" :
  • "I just heard the most wonderful news. They say HE has arrived..." :
  • "Aslan is a lion -- the Great Lion." :
  • "Stand still ... or you will be turned to stone like the others in the outer courtyard." :